Jacketed Kettle Cooking Mixer Series

 Jacketed Kettle Cooking Mixer Series

Jacketed Kettle/Cooking Mixer Features of Jacketed pot: 

Kettle body adopted one-time stamping of stainless steel head to ensure the inner side is smooth.Various heating forms like steam, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas;big heating area and high thermal efficiency.Agitated and non-agitated available for choice;tillable kettle ensures quick and clean discharging.Compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, high working efficiency, low consumption and long service life.Every part contacting food made of high quality stainless steel and completely in line with food hygiene requirements.Widely used in candy, pastry, drinks, fruit juices, dairy products, canned food and brewing, pharmacy, daily chemical and other industries.

DTS steam jacketed kettles offer ultra efficient heat transfer, uniform heating and superior product handling. Steam jacketed kettles offer faster cooking times because two thirds of the cooking surface comes into contact with the product at a much lower temperature, compared to stock pots that use a much higher temperature only at the bottom of the pot. In addition, accurate temperature controls eliminate constant monitoring and resetting. Foods won’t burn or scorch and you can hold product at a simmer without over cooking. Tilting models makes product handling simple. Clean up is easy since food isn’t burned or over cooked like stock pots.

This machine is to absorb and draw on advanced technology, combined with expert advice on many food manufacturers, independent research and development of a new type of stirring the pot, pot for the time stamping of stainless steel pot to ensure that the pot is smooth. Use of steam, gas, natural gas, the form of electromagnetic heating, electromagnetic heating latest technology to achieve the international environmental protection standards, and completed integration of programmable control, to fill the gap. Mixing method using a special tilt planetary transmission, the use of the blender to achieve full contact with the pot to achieve the revolution and rotation of the drive is not an integer gear ratio, to ensure that no mixing pot corners, non-stick material mix well. Drive transmission parts and the use of advanced sealing structure to ensure that the pot clean and hygienic. With frequency converter and cycloid reducer and tilt the perfect combination of transmission, increasing the drive torque, the speed can be adjusted within the stirring speed, hydraulic lift, turn the pot the more labor-saving material, time, the provincial workers. 


Ideal For:lotus seed paste, fruit Rong, bean paste, date paste, sauces, curry and other prepared foods, and household chemicals, pharmaceutical and other industries in stirred tank.Soups, delicate sauces, pasta, gravies, desserts, stews, braising meats, rice, reheating dishes and holding them until serving.



· Heats from all sides and has 3-4 times larger heat surface than stock pots.

· Gentle uniform cooking.

· Faster cooking times using high energy steam.

· Precision temperature controls from a simmer to a rolling boil.

· No hot spots.

· Eliminates pot watching, constant stirring and large stock pots.

Improves Operator's Profits By:

· Reduces food waste due to over cooking and burning.

· Reheat meals without over cooking.

· Simmer food all day without over cooking.

· Simplifies and standardizes recipe and enhances recipe development.

Improves Worker Safety:

· Tilting models make pouring safe.

· Eliminates heavy lifting and carrying hot stock pots.

Saves Energy:

· Kettles use 35% less energy than stock pots on an open burner. Keeps kitchens cooler.



‧ Full Volume: 100L / 200L / 300L / 400L/500L/600L

‧ Material: SUS304 (SUS316 for food contact surface is option.)

‧ Control: Mixer Speed (Variable)

‧ Food grade scraper blades / Water-proof design.

‧ Power: 220V~440V (Depends on request)

‧ Heating by GAS(Depends on request)