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Butt Air-Jet Mill
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Butt Air-Jet Mill

Method and Specialty

When the compressed air passes the feeding spray equipment and the smashed material gets into the smashing room, the smashing spray nozzle on the periphery of the smashing room spray supersonic speed airflow so that it can make the material smashed with the airflow's high speed lashing, the material's colliding and friction each other. Then grading tube will separate the coarser pellets from others and the coarser pellets will circuclate back to the smashing room to be smashed again. After the inter sealed cycled smashing, we can get the well-distributed supertiny powder at the material outlet.

It's suitable for dry supertiny technology. Because the speed of the impact is high, (more than 2.5 mach), it's easy to get 1-10 micro pellets. According to the material's property, it also can get the pellet less than 1 micro sometimes Because there is a sealed grade machanism in the pulverizer and the coarse pellets in the products instantly can be smashed cycledly, the products are made up of well-distributed products whose pellet radium distribution's scopeis limit The equipment has many advantages such as short smashing time, simple structure, convenient operation and repairment, small volume, low(72 decibles) and no vibration.

It has a high efficienty when smashing. It can have a continuous smashing and it can keep the smashing product's purity.

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