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VBD Series Vacuum Belt Dry (for Powder & Particle)
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VBD Series Vacuum Belt Dry (for Powder & Particle)

Technical Principle:

There are 3-11 layers of conveyor belts inside the cylindrical shell, the more the layers, and the larger the capacity. By feeding and distributing device, the wet solid material is input continuously, and then distributed evenly on the conveyor belt under vacuum. Motion of the belt stirs the materials constantly, which speeds up evaporation, thus shortens the drying time, and also makes sure homogeneity during drying. The drying temperature and drying time (from feed-in to discharge) are adjustable (30-1500℃) (20-80 min). If the dried product needs granulation, it can be com-minuted under vacuum, no dust flying appears, which collecting device. Organic solvent in the wet materials can be recycled by our system, removing pollution problem caused by traditional dryers, and adding profit.


Application Scope:

Pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biological.

Drying material state:solid, crystal, particle, powder, pills, fruit & vegetable slices or

chips, leaves, etc.

Some special material: easy oxidation, easy explosion, strong stimulation, high


Material need solvent recycling.

Equipment Advantage:

Under the condition of vacuum continuous feed continuous discharge.

Pieces to realize the automation and continuous drying technology, pipelining.

Drying process temperature of 30-150adjustable.

Operating cost is the third of the traditional drying process.

Product yield reached above 99%

Drying time 20-80 minutes adjustable.

Mixer greatly reduce labor costs.

Adopts PLC automatic control system.

In pieces to reduce the pollution caused by dry process complex link.

Pieces to achieve product requirements for solvent recovery in drying process.

Online automatic cleaning, in line with the GMP requirements.

Technical parameter

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